Synthetic Turf

Artificial Turf from Turf Doctor has many benefits! 

Imagine never having to mow, fertilize, or water your lawn again. Perfect Turf Synthetic Turf provides the opportunity to be environmentally friendly and the envy of your neighbourhood at the same time. Simply put, a synthetic grass lawn is cleaner, greener, and easier than real grass.

Not only does a Perfect Turf artificial lawn make sense ecologically, but helps save you money as well! Most home owners who install an artificial lawn end up saving money between 3 and 5 years compared to well-maintained natural grass; and that is without factoring the value of your time. Just think of never having to lug out that heavy lawn mower again and instead, spending that precious time with family and friends.

Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass is is an excellent choice for commercial applications as well! Whether you pay your employees or hire landscape contractors to maintain your current lawn, it does not take long for your bills to add up. These bills coupled with all the wasted water from poorly placed, aligned, timed, or broken sprinkler systems and your Perfect Turf lawn will pay for itself in no time.

In most circumstances, business landscaping is often dull, dirty, brown, or just simply unattractive to both customers and employees most of the year, no matter how well maintained it is. With Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass your business will be more inviting all year round, potentially attracting more business and creating a more positive environment for your employees.

Key Benefits Of Perfect Turf

No Mowing

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimates that a typical gas-powered lawn mower emits as much air pollution annually as a car driven halfway across the country.

No Watering

Environment Canada estimates that the average home owner consumes 14,000 litres of water annually to care for their lawn.

No Fertilizing

Environment Canada estimates that the average residential home owner uses 46 pounds of pesticides in the form of fertilizers and weed control annually.

No Expensive Water Bills

With the price of water increasing annually, this could mean even more savings.

No Maintenance Bills

Professional Lawn Care – the cost to hire lawn care professionals can be very expensive for both residential and business owners, with costs anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 annually.

Do it Yourself

The cost of lawn mowers, gas, aeration, fertilizers, weed control, and sprinkler systems (or basic sprinklers and hoses), together with water bills, can add up to approximately $2,000 per year and countless hours of lost free time during the warm months of the year.

No Dead Spots or Dull Brown Grass

Maintaining a lush green lawn 3 months of the year is hard work and takes a lot of time. However, with Western Canadian weather we are only completely snow covered for 2 months of the year, leaving a minimum of 7 months we are forced to look at a dull, dirty brown yard. With synthetic grass you will have a perfect lawn 12 months of the year.

No Destroyed Lawn Due to Dogs

All dog owners know how hard, if not impossible, it is to maintain a nice yard. With synthetic grass, pet waste will not discolour or kill the grass, so your yard always looks perfect.